High-End Retail Business Video: DHR Guitar Experience

Not long ago, DHR Guitar Experience found themselves in quick need of an overview video for their retail store and online business. I received their call on a Friday and a week later the finished video was being shared online.


I could tell that DHR Guitar Experience was an exceptional business from the first moment I stepped inside. The beauty of the guitars and the renovated house used to display them, along with the warm and welcoming atmosphere, made me feel immediately at home, as did owner Dale Rabiner and staffers Terry and Chris.

As with every project, we started with a discussion about the business and the key points. What really stood out to me were the warm atmosphere, the quality of the inventory (including handcrafted guitars from premier luthiers), and Dale’s passion for the business (and, specifically, left-handed guitars). My notes from the discussion were then converted into a two-page guide for the shoot.

In creating narration for video, I most often prefer to casually interview subjects in order to receive genuine responses, as opposed to working with tightly scripted words. It’s so much better if subjects are prompted to relay their message naturally and in their own words. That’s what I refer to as the “friendly, editorial style” of Talkington Media, as opposed to canned marketing techniques. Today’s savvy media consumers can definitely tell the difference between an honest, authentic story and heavy-handed advertising.

I am pleased to report that Dale dubbed the finished video “Fantastic!” and we’ve already launched into additional projects, including recent two-camera coverage of the DHR Guitar Experience grand opening celebration event.

Are you a business in need of video detailing your products or services? Or a nonprofit that seeks to motivate decision makers, members, or donors with online video? I am always happy and available to discuss your needs and potential solutions.


Jim T.