Video Marketing for Business

We’ve heard it for years now. In marketing, “content is king.” And as marketing strategies have evolved, so has the definition of ‘good content’ - it’s expanded along with consumers’ changing interests and attention spans. Using video in a digital marketing plan not only makes sense, it’s considered a necessity at this point. 

The benefits of using video in your marketing strategy are numerous. The medium is versatile, attention-grabbing and perhaps most important, highly sharable among your fans. Utilizing both visual and aural elements, video is an excellent format to inform and educate while entertaining and building trust

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Show, Don’t Tell

At Talkington Media, we believe the best way to tell a story is to show the audience what we want them to see. Going through the process of creating a video and distilling our message down into an easily consumable format makes us better communicators all around. We don’t have to spend time explaining what is important because in using video, the emotional impact created by engaging the viewer with sights and sounds happens naturally. 

Brand Awareness Grows

As mentioned, video can illustrate the benefits of your product or service in a concise and meaningful way. Video helps your audience understand your brand’s values while reinforcing trust in your company. And because people are eight times more likely to watch a video than read an article, it just makes sense to give them what they want. Adding a product video on your landing page alone can increase the rate of conversions by 80%! 

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Search Engine Optimization and Video

We live in a click and share world, plain and simple. Our audiences enjoy being able to share informative and entertaining content with their friends, family and colleagues. Providing valuable video content to them encourages social shares as well as invites them to stay on our websites for a longer period of time. Facebook video shares have now surpassed those on Youtube. Your email recipients are 200-300% more likely to click through to your website if you include a video in your message. Video content has a strong appeal to mobile users. What does this all mean for your company? All of these clicks and shares will generate a higher search engine ranking for YOU. One piece of video content can be promoted on several platforms and repurposed time and again. Your ROI in using video will be evident as interest in your brand, company and product or service grows.

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Getting Started with Video

Interested in using video in your sales strategy? Contact us to find out how we can help you implement your video marketing plan! Whether your goal is to educate, inform, advocate or simply entertain, we can help you get started with a professional video to suit your needs.